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  • Chrome dowel pens

    I have a oem 1968(mid-star) big twin rear drum that was chromed many years ago with the good stuff and never run. With the thick chrome covering the dowel pens it won't begin to fit on a wheel. I don't want to enlarge holes in the wheel but other than drilling out and replacing dowels I need to come up with a dechroming idea.

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    If that's "The Good Stuff" from back in the '60s to '70s, you will be a month of Sundays trying to get it off just the dowels. And then you run the risk of damaging/deforming the dowels, wouldn't you? Maybe scratch the stuff you want to keep shiny?

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      Call the best chrome shop with the oldest guys working there and ask??
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        aren't the dowels pressed in? press them out?
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          Muratic acid will de-crome the dowel pins. Don't breathe the fumes.
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            Can you use a fine file and go slow an easy?


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              It will be easiest to drill them out and replace them, IF you can find replacements.

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                Muriatic acid will take the chrome, and some of the nickel off, but it won't touch the copper underneath, and that is the thick layer that is causing the problem. Any drop or splash or splatter of the acid will mess up the chrome you want to keep, so I wouldn't use that.

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                  I would just enlarge the holes in the hub. Just go a little at a time until you get a tap-in fit and go with it. As long as you aren't doing things like repeated burnouts or banging gears all day, you'll be fine.



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                    If you can get down to the copper coat it will come off pretty easy with a mini grinder or dremel tool. I had a chrome shop remove the chrome from my Super E teardrop aircleaner cover but they couldn't get the copper off. I was able to use a 3 inch sanding disc on a angle grinder to get the copper off without Fing up the aluminum cover and it turned out good. I'd think the pins on your drum would stand up better to removing the copper than my aluminum cover.
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