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Rear brakes master cylinder flush

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  • Rear brakes master cylinder flush

    Can any of you gurus out there let me know what the best procedure is to flush the MC?

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    I first empty the master cylinder of the present fluid then fill with correct fresh fluid. Use a Mity-Vac, attach a piece of clear tubing to the bleeder screw, bust it loose and start sucking the fluid through the system. Don't let the master cylinder go dry. When you quit seeing bubbles in the clear tubing, lock the bleeder screw down and top off the master cylinder.
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      Use denatured alcohol to flush the old fluid out.
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        Originally posted by mkhenry View Post
        Use denatured alcohol to flush the old fluid out.
        How do you assure all the alcohol is gone? Evaporates? I've heard that before but only brake fluid so far for me.
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          Take it apart and detail clean it and the caliper?
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