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83 FLH rear master cylinder and bracket

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  • 83 FLH rear master cylinder and bracket

    I acquired a chrome rear brake bracket for an Evo (87-99?) FLST that I want to use on my 83 FLH. I already have the 8" floorboards. My brake pedal seems to fit the stud fine. But I notice there is no hole for the return spring on the bracket. Then I notice that 87-99 bikes don't seem to have a master cylinder return spring, and no place on their pedal to hook it anyway. Why not? Is the return spring built-in to the master cylinder? Can I use my 83 FLH master cylinder and brake pedal with this set-up? Thanks for the help!

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    I got the softail floorboards and master cylinder on my 76 FLH . No return spring. I guess it is in MC.