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    Hey, your thread was fine, I'm just turning into the personification of the saying about getting crankier as I get older.
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      gee.. after 20 something years, my 1 # container of Superlube ( teflon ?) grease is almost used has been mostly reserved for pistol slides on my autoloaders,
      but was wondering what I'd use when it was gone ?'s getting pretty close to the bottom. Never gave the age of the grease a thought. I've used wheel bearing grease on my Shovel, on the axle & wheel bearings, every time I change a tire..never changed a wheel bearing (yet) or maybe I did, & just don't remember ? A definite possibility...
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        Originally posted by RustyShovel View Post
        Hey, your thread was fine, I'm just turning into the personification of the saying about getting crankier as I get older.
        I like cranky...
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          Kendall supper blue I got is dam near gone,
          Few scrapings left in the tub,

          Turned to Valvoline Cerulean

          Fuckit its blue

          Thing in the box told me to write somthin
          There ya go

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            One of the biggest tells with grease is, is the oil still in it. Grease CAN go bad. Doing power plant maintenance for a very long time I’ve seen it. To over simplify , Grease is a soap impregnated with oil. The oil can, and does, run or leak out sometimes. Also, and I’m sure some here have seen it, it can dry out. At one plant I work at they were having problems with conveyor roller failure. It was determined the “cost effective” grease they switched to was not up to the heat of near constant running belts ( think wheel bearings), so they switched brands/types and said anyone that wanted the old grease help themselves. Well, a bunch of us jumped on the free grease for sure. Later on I was replacing the neck bearings in my FXR and figured since it’s a low speed bearing it’ll be fine with that grease. For MONTHS the oil continued to bleed out of that shit and I was constantly wiping off the neck. Ended up pulling front end back off and repacking with mobilelux lithium compound. So yea, grease can go bad, or just be bad. Now the only place I’ve worked that that actually adheres to exp. dates is nuke plants, they go through and throw out everything. ( my stash of loctite and anti seize and such is impressive lol) I’m not telling anyone I’m a grease expert, I’m saying check it, if it’s all dryish and cracked looking, it is not gonna do right. Grease heats up, the oil come out of the soap and lubricates, then cools and the oil re absorbs back into the soap. (Again over simplified). No oil no lube. Much of my grease is past exp date(see above lol) but it’s lithium complex or synthetic or both and I’m confident it’ll do its job. Now that old can with no top on it that’s been on the shelf for years collecting dust and grit? Well, your call.....
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              Freezing it's December


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                I run Amsoil grease, too!!
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                  As evoyerass mentioned, I too have a very large collection of bottles of Locktite that I got from my nuke days. Hell some of the part numbers and the colors of the thread locker are no longer listed on Locktites web site because there wasn't an internet when I acquired these bottles. Also can't find any MSDS sheets on them. I should just throw them out as I most likely won't use them.
                  I also several cans of Anti-Seize in plane generic cans with the brush attached to the inside of the lid. Have different flavors of that stuff.
                  I do have more more bottles with the color and grade of thread locker that it is. In the early days you just had to know what color was for what. Since I'm no longer fastening bolts in a Nuke Powerplant or lock wiring the hardware anymore, I will toss out the old Original Locktite products. I'll keep all the INCONEL and Stainless wire spools that I accumulated .
                  Still have a drawer full of spools but there will be a day I actually need to buy some. I have yet to buy a can of wire in my career due to the freebees. Life was good back then. You could get in and out of the gate without being inspected unless you were carrying a box or something. Cold weather and deep pockets were helpful.

                  Just looked at a tub of grease that's been on my shelf for at least 10 years. It has a screw on top and the grease looks great. Maybe the type of top and the kind of storage has kept this grease from separating.

                  It says TIMKEN Automotive wheel bearing grease for drum and disk brakes.Premium High Temp Red. It doesn't say who manufactured the grease on it. But we all know Timken didn't manufacturer it as they don't own any refineries. They used to make excellent bearings in the USA. But most if not all are subbed out to other country's now.

                  The tubes of grease that I have mounted on a wall with different types of grease in them for different applications are all dripping oil or have completely dripped all the oil they had into a drain pan.
                  I need to remove those cartridges and toss them out. Because I'm not using these products as much as I used to, from now on I'll only buy them as I need them.
                  I will get one tube of grease for the 12 lube joints in the front end of my truck. I like that this truck still has zirk fittings.
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