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Low top end oil pressure on a generator shovel

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    Originally posted by 66 Slabside View Post
    Torqueman the cast iron pump is long gone someone installed an S&S pump the spring seems to have good strength on the relief valve. I could be presuaded to think the bushings are worn but there isnt so much as a tick from the top end.
    Nmaineron I have good flow through all rocker shafts so I think I'll leave it alone. I'm dealing with my 81 FXS now with tome compression issues
    Thanks guys
    Thank you for your response/reply.
    My point was that maybe the relief spring is too strong and hence doesn't allow the oil to the by pass when the oil pressure is high, at the pressure when should bypass.
    Anyway, is your call.

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      I never thought of that. I always think a spring is too weak. I could compress it a bit and try it, although there is oil running out of the front exhaust rocker shaft screw cap at idle. It wouldn't take more than 30 seconds to make a mess. I have friends that have the gauge in the rear exhaust rocker that haven't stated low oil pressure. I always put the gauge in the tappet screen cover. I think I'll put that gauge in my other 3 shovels and if they are more I think I'll have to do some investigating
      Thanks Torqueman


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        I like Racerjims reply:

        "Right now you know you have oil pressure going to the top end. It is very possible that you have worn bushing and shafts(yes shafts wear too) but you still have oil going up there so I wouldn't sweat it much unless you are the proactive type and find it necessary to go into it further and take off the heads."


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          Agreed. I have friends riding pans and shovels with no oil pressure up to the rockers but good pressure below they run em, threw the gauge away and don't think about it. I have good oil flow to all the shafts so unless I start hearing a noise or have to remove a head for some other reason I think I'll leave well enough alone for now.


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            HD's, especially older models, oil flow is more important than pressure. It's not unusual to read zero at running temps and at idle. Nor to have oil light flicker or stay on at idle. If the pressure comes up above idle you are OK to go. Just don't be looking for 30 or 60 psi anywhere cold or warm.