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    some call it a belt guide....
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      a disc that keeps the clutch basket from walking when the lever is pulled in
      this replaces the metal disc with the cone springs

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        some call it a ramjet retainer...
        at least thats one co who makes um...
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          I have that. It hasn't anything to do with belt alignment?
          bla bla bla


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            I can’t remember who told me, but when I had an open 3” belt I had a piece of glass cut wide enough to lay across both pulleys. I could also use the edge as a straightedge also. When laying flat on the pulleys, if the transmission needs shimming the glass will rock just a bit making a ticking noise. The point of shimming the transmission is the mounting plate is not always level. I took a lot of time mounting my engine, cleaned the mounting surfaces, tightened the rear mount first and shimmed the front so IMO the motor the fixed point and I wanted the transmission output shaft to be parallel (on two planes) to the engines. I don’t know if I explained it correctly, but shimming was easy because I didn’t run an inner primary or a plate to keep the two aligned.

            So shimming the transmission is done using the 5 mounting points. It must be done evenly, not like a .020 shim on one end but a series of say .010 in the center and .020 on the end. This way when tightening the mounting bolts all points will be equally and it won’t try and flex the transmission causing it to crack. Once that plane is correct, the glass or straight edge can be put across the front basket and a measurement can be done on the front and rear of the front pulley. I found that measurement didn’t always make the belt run true, it always needed tweaking under actual running conditions. LOL, I am not very good at explaining things on paper, maybe it will help.


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              I always had trouble with the mainshaft support bearing binding in my BDL plate. My old 1964 Pan frame had the tranny plate tweaked out of alignment a bit. Once I cut the plate in two pieces to shorten my shaft center to center distance to loosen the tight belt problem, it let the support bearing run free. The tranny tweak isn't enough to hurt the belt's running. It's been this way for 19 years with the same 3" belt. Holeshots, burnouts, blasting through the gears hasn't brought any problems.

              Edited to add that I bolted the two plate halves together on the inside to keep the tranny from moving. I used a piece of 3/4" billet aluminum with four bolts.

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              You can see the split in this pic.
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                Originally posted by chaser View Post

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                  Adjusting a belt to run true is like adjusting a belt sander belt. The transmission needs to be able to pivot slightly to allow the belt to align and run true. It is best done visually, measurements won't do it. That first picture with the square stock clamped to the clutch basket is nonsense. You can get perfect measurements and the belt will try to run off the pulleys. And retainers are for lazy mechanics...
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